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Need to Hire a Motivational Speaker to Boost Your Team?

Who’s Motivating Your Sales Team

Looking for a Guest Speaker?

You hire a Speaker for one purpose: to energize, inspire and instill practical business development tactics.

Rob Swette is a recognized speaker known for delivering team motivation while challenging participants to shift behaviors and execute what they learn to reach their goals. His energizing presentations propel sales professionals to do their business development behaviors and close more sales.

Speaking Topics:
• Building Referrals
• Building a plan to find new prospects
• Close faster and more easily
• Using LinkedIn to get appointments
• Effective Networking
• Effective Team Communications
• How to sell differently than the competitor
• Tricks for increased productivity and more

Contact us today to discuss ways we can motivate your team at your next sales meeting or conference.


Sales Article by Rob Swette

5 Things to Improve Your Sales Game.

1. Have a process. Know what you want to do at each step.

The Sandler Methodology is all about process. By following a process you’re able to qualify or disqualify each prospective opportunity and do it more quickly. You should know what’s happening to you on each sales call and more importantly, know what to do about it.

2. It’s more important to qualify than close because if you qualify right, there is no close.

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