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Sandler Enterprise Selling

About Sandler Enterprise Selling

This is a program designed to help sales leaders prioritize, capture and grow enterprise, or strategic, major accounts. An enterprise account is characterized as one where the buyer has a large and complex procurement cycle, the competition is sophisticated, and there is a large revenue opportunity. 

By breaking the sales management and engagement process into a series of stages and associated tools these accounts can be better targeted, managed and increase the opportunities for success.

Every organization has varying degrees of need so this is offered as both a package to implement a complete process or a la carte to focus on specific challenges the organization may have in capturing enterprise accounts.

Stage 4 – Solution Development – Pursuit Navigator, and Opportunity Revisited: Learn how to systematically develop a proposed solution given prospect situation using the expertise of the team.

Stage 5 – Proposing and Advancing - Learn elements of effectively preparing and delivering the presentation, creating proposal options and transitions to selected vendor. Requires prior knowledge of effectively qualifying an opportunity based upon Sandler principals.

Stage 6 – Service Delivery – Client Centric Satisfaction Tool, Team Storm: Learn to effectively measure performance to ensure project engagement success and position for leveraging the relationship into other opportunities.



Click Here to Download the Sandler Enterprise Selling eBrochure

Each session will be structured in the following manner:

o Brief overview of the Six Stages and specific stages addressed providing context for where and how the tool can be used.

o Theory and application of the tools

o In class practical exercise applying the tool with group feedback

o Each session will be 3 hours and offered at our UTC location

o Each participant will receive the book Sandler Enterprise Selling, Winning and Growing Enterprise Hotels by David Mattson & Brian Sullivan.